What is a British IP Address?

British IP AddressSome British TV websites deny access to their programming for any computers and computer networks not from the U.K. This is because most foreign computers and the internet networks they belong to do not have licensing agreements to view copyrighted programming. The U.K. websites will evaluate programming requests by checking to see if the requesting computer has a British IP address. But just what is an IP address?

IP stands for internet protocol, and it is a unique address that is assigned to a computer by internet providers. This address is a series of 4 numbers, and different sequence groups are assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to each country. This is how British websites know where the programming requests are coming from; however, IP addresses can change on computers and smartphones depending on how the internet connection is set up.

What a foreign computer needs to do in order to gain access to British programming is to fool the U.K. websites into thinking that its IP address is really from the U.K., and this can be done by using what’s known as a virtual private network (VPN). A foreign computer logs into the VPN, which has IP address ranges acceptable to the target website. This website is then contacted via the VPN.

Streaming UK TVThis can also be accomplished via what’s called a proxy server. But proxies, though often free, are not as safe as VPNs. Proxies are browser-based and simpler to use than VPNs, but the data transfers back and forth between computers are not secure.

British VPN servers have a physical British address which in turn gives them (and you, the UK IP you need. There are various types of VPNs as well. For activities such as video streaming, care must be taken to choose a VPN that has an appropriate speed for streaming (PPTP).  There is no software needed to run this because your computer or phone will come with a ‘VPN client’ or in other words, ready to connect.

If your’e looking for encryption and protection (especially if you’re in The Middle East or Asia) you may need OpenVPN.  Software is needed to run it. But the process is simple. Not only can a VPN be set up from a computer, it can also be done through a smartphone.

British Football OverseasNow that you have a British IP, a wide range of opportunities exists. Though VPNs used to be associated primarily with business applications – company employees living or traveling overseas often need to access the corporate home computer, but they often need the right IP address to do so –  now they are used for stuff like streaming TV, bypassing internet censorship, and security at public wifi areas.

Much more is available with a British VPN. Users are not only able to access award-winning British programming through streaming, but they can also participate in UK-Only forums and even play UK-Only games. TV shows without commercial interruption and the world of British football are all among the most popular

Further, because of how British TV is structured, the shows will be seen either completely commercial free or with very limited commercial interruption. This has a very different feel than American-style TV.  Regardless of whether you’re from The UK or not, I think everyone can appreciate that.


Top 2 VPN Services For a British IP Address


HMA British IPHide My Ass

You get FULL and UNLIMITED access to VPN servers in 45 different countries for about six buck a month, and it’s guaranteed to work or your money back. You can’t really beat a deal like that, so it’s no wonder that HMA is one of the most popular VPN services in the world. Plus, they have ‘ass’ in their name, so it kind of makes a lasting impression. But seriously, their service is good stuff.

  • $6.55 / month (12 months)
  • $8.44 / month (6 months)
  • $11.52 / month (1 month)

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PandaPow British IPPandaPow

Another service that kind of sticks in your head, their logo is sure definitely something to admire.  The guts of the service goes beyond that however, and you get unlimited access to serveral VPN locations, including The US and UK.  The main thing to remember is that their VPN is very easy to set up, so if you’ve got simplicity in mind, PandaPow is for you.

  • $7 / month (12 months)
  • $8 / month (6 months)
  • $9 / month (1 month)

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